Governmental Program Allows Homeowners to Go Solar For $0 Out of Pocket

2023 Savings When Going Solar Are Better Than Ever Before

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Electricity companies are losing out on thousands of their customers’ dollars thanks to the Solar Saver Program. Because the Federal Solar Tax Credit can allow you to receive thousands of dollars for your solar panel installation, it’s possible for you to get solar panels for your home for as low as $0 down.

Solar energy has long been promoted as an environmentally friendly option, but recent governmental programs have caused the price of solar panel installation to drop drastically. Now solar energy isn’t just a benefit for the environment – it’s also a huge source of savings for American homeowners! The State and Federal governments have worked together to promote solar powered homes and offer thousands of dollars in tax credits to qualified homeowners. This can offset the cost of installing new solar panels by as much as 100%!

Most homeowners don’t realize that thanks to these government rebates and incentives, they can benefit from solar energy for as low as $0 down and $0 out of pocket. To see if you qualify, visit the Solar Saver program, answer a few short questions, and compare current electricity costs with the benefits of going solar.

Do These Programs Really Work?

Advances in technology and production have made solar panels much more affordable than they were even just ten years ago. Couple that with the Solar Saver Program and going solar has never been this easy or low cost! More than 90 million homes qualify to get solar panels for $0 down, making solar energy available to those who may not have been able to afford it previously. Powering your house with solar energy can let you start saving even more!

If you qualify, you can reduce the cost of installing solar panels to as low as $0 down. Many Americans have already taken advantage of this program and are now saving thousands of dollars each year!

Am I Eligible to Get Solar Panels for $0 Out of Pocket

Finding out whether or not you qualify is easy, free, and takes just a few minutes! Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose your state.

Step 2: Go to the Solar Saver Program and answer a few short questions.

Step 3: Compare your current electricity bill with your potential savings.

Choose Your State: