Stop Throwing Away Money by Doing These Four Things

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Prices everywhere are rising, from gas and eggs to insurance premiums and utilities.

You’ve tried to cut down and stick to your budget, but even so, some costs can’t be avoided. Overpaying for monthly and everyday expenses eats into your savings worse than almost anything else.

If you’re ready to stop throwing away your money, do the following four things and start saving now!

1. Find Coupons Easily and Get the Best Available Prices

Shopping online is easy and convenient, but it often leaves you wondering whether or not you’re getting the best price.

Thankfully, this service helps stop you from overpaying online! It automatically searches other websites for the items you’re shopping for, and alerts you if it finds a better price somewhere else. It even accounts for shipping fees and delivery times! You can also use it to find coupon codes, view price history, and get price-drop alerts if you want to wait until the item is cheaper to purchase.

The best part? It’s completely free! All you have to do is download it on your browser and continue online shopping as you normally would. If you get a price comparison alert, you can view the item on the other website and decide whether or not you want to save!

Why wait? Stop overpaying while shopping online now!

2. Get Better Car Insurance Offers Now

How long have you had your current auto insurance?

While some auto insurance companies offer discounts for loyalty, many others will keep you paying the same rate or even raise your premiums if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s always smart to compare your current policy to new offers, to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Even if you don’t have any auto insurance yet but are in the market for auto insurance, comparing today’s offers could help you find a plan that offers great coverage for a low cost.

Click here to start comparing auto insurance companies now!

3. Get Cash Each Month Without a Monthly Mortgage Payment

If you’re 62 or older, you can utilize a Reverse Mortgage to help finance your retirement!

With a reverse mortgage, you can borrow from the equity in your home and use the funds however you wish.

If you’ve paid off all or most of your mortgage, then you could be sitting on a gold mine of equity. A reverse mortgage allows you to access that equity in either a lump sum, fixed payment amount, or a line of credit.

Even better, there’s no monthly payment to the lender required, and the loan only has to be repaid when the last borrower sells the house, moves out, or dies.

Planning to utilize a reverse mortgage can help add additional cash to fund your retirement. You can click here to see if a reverse mortgage is right for you!

4. Stop High Interest Credit Card Debt with a Balance Transfer Credit Card

High interest credit card debt can seem impossible to surmount, especially when most of your payment goes towards the interest expenses and is not actually paying down your debt.

That’s where a balance transfer credit card can be handy! These type of cards typically offer a 0% Intro APR for a period of time for balance transfers (and sometimes new purchases as well), then a regular APR thereafter!

With an intro APR like this, you’re able to transfer your current credit card debt to this card and focus on paying it down, without an interest expense! That means you pay off your debt faster and spend less money on interest.

Even better, some of these cards have no annual fees, allow you to earn rewards, and have other perks! Learn more about balance transfer credit cards now!

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