5 Ways to Combat Rising Electric Costs

Rising Electric Costs Will Soon Affect Your Area – Here’s What You Can Do About It

At a time when inflation has driven prices up for everything from groceries to furniture, residents of the US are soon to have another unwelcome surprise: a bigger electricity bill.

Reduced supply to natural gas has increased its cost, forcing power companies to pass the burden on to customers. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to combat these higher prices! Check out these suggestions below to save on energy costs!

Convert to Solar Energy at No Cost to You

Electricity costs keep on rising, but what your power company doesn’t want you to know is you may be eligible to convert to solar energy, at no cost to you! That’s right – you could switch to solar energy with all costs covered, then benefit from huge savings as your monthly energy bill drops! Check now to see if you live in a qualifying area and are eligible to benefit from this program.

Save on Heating and Cooling Bills with Energy Efficient Windows

If you don’t have energy-efficient windows, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars each year! Old windows can leak heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, often making it necessary to waste more energy on heating or cooling your house. That’s why replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows is one of the best renovations you can do! Start saving now by switching to energy-efficient windows!

Renovate your Home with a Home Improvement Loan

Renovating your home to include more energy-efficient appliances, insulation, or remodeling can be costly at first, but ultimately save you money in the long run. While these renovations can save on electricity, big expenses like these are often too expensive to put on a credit card. Taking out a home improvement loan can fund your home upgrade while not using up all of your credit limit. Even better, renovations tend to add to your house’s value, which can be useful if you ever sell your home!

Cut Costs by Switching your Auto Insurance

Another way to combat rising power prices is by finding other ways to save in your budget. How long have you had your current auto insurance? While some auto insurance companies offer discounts for loyalty, many others will keep you paying the same rate or even raise your premiums if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s always smart to compare your current policy to new offers, to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Whether you want cheaper premiums, better coverage, are trying to insure a new car, or want to change your auto insurance completely, comparing auto insurance offers is free, easy, and can put you on the road to save even more cash!

Get More Bang for your Buck with High Savings Rates

Did you know banks will actually pay you to keep your money in their accounts? Savings Accounts and Certificate of Deposits (or CDs, as they’re more commonly known) pay a percentage of your balance in interest in return for banking with them! CDs offer a higher APY than traditional savings accounts because they have fixed terms, during which the consumer agrees not to withdraw that money and instead allows the bank to use it. Savings accounts have more flexibility, but often have a lower APY. Whether you’re looking for a higher guaranteed return from a CD or more flexibility with a Savings Account, earning interest on money you already have is a no-brainer! Different banks will offer accounts with different APYs, and some have promotions that give you even more bang for your buck! In order to get the best deal, compare multiple bank accounts to find one with a high APY, low fees, and other features that works for you!