Try This Money-Saving Trick Before You Renew Amazon Prime

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Online shopping just got a whole lot better thanks to this new way to find instant savings!

If you’re feeling the strain of inflation and increased prices (and let’s be honest – who isn’t feeling that strain?), then you’ll be happy to hear that insider experts have developed a tool to instantly compare prices and get the best available deal! Major retailers will need to match these prices in order to keep customers.

And the best part? This tool is completely free and available for everyone to use!

Keep on reading to see if you can save money while online shopping!

Found 03/10/2023. Sample results shown. Savings may vary.

To start getting the best available prices, all you need to do is shop as you normally would after installing Capital One Shopping onto your browser. This free extension will search other websites as you shop, and notify you if it finds better prices. It’ll show you the exact same product you’re searching for, but with a better price! And if no better price can be found, it will let you know you already have the best available deal.

Capital One Shopping has saved its customers millions of dollars, and it only takes a few seconds to install. Try it out, and if you don’t like it, you can easily uninstall the extension. It’s completely free, so there’s no reason to wait!